Wasp Control In Canterbury

Does your home or business in Canterbury require specialist wasp control? If you require a technically advanced and knowledgeable team of pest controllers in Dover, then look no further than Kent Pest Services. When you’re faced any sort of pests, it’s vital to acquire professional support to remove these pests and advise you on how to stop them from returning. We would be more than happy to help you, especially if you’re dealing with wasps or bees.

We understand that both wasps and bees can cause a lot of trouble and pain – both psychologically and physically. They both have vicious stings which hurt, but these stings can develop into much more serious cases; in the rare occurrence, they can cause anaphylactic shock. When these invertebrates are found nestling into spaces like lofts, attics, garden buildings and trees on your property, they can be difficult to remove and even prevent from attacking you or people passing by. We can inform you now that we have the equipment and procedures to remove both wasps and bees. But because we are an environmentally conscientious team, we will always do our best not to destroy bees in particular; we do this by working in conjunction with local bee keepers. However, we can destroy wasp nests.

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