How long will it take to remove a wasp nest from my property?

Wasp nests will usually take 24 hours to become inactive after treatment.

Will my dog get poisoned by the poison you are putting down?

Here at Kent Pest Services we don’t believe in putting loose poison in open trays, all our bait is placed in locked boxes which cannot be accessed by pets or children.

I treat my cat or dog every month with flea treatment, so why do I have fleas in my house?

Fleas only spend around 33% of their time on their host, the rest of the time is spent in cracks, crevasses and carpets around the home so treating your pet is just the start. Over the counter bought products have no residual value so will not work in the long term so give us a call on 07855 546772 to get the job done properly.

How do I get rid of a wasps nest?

Wasps become very defensive when their nest is attacked and usually results in the person trying to remove it getting stung a large number of times which can be very dangerous when the person trying to remove the nest is allergic to wasp stings and causing anaphylactic shock which could be fatal if not treated immediately. Please call us to remove it safely.

Can you remove nesting seagulls from my roof?

Some seagulls are protected by law and may not be able to be removed. Give us a call to identify the species and to sort the problem for you.

I think I might have bed bugs, what do they look like?

An adult bed bug is red/brown in colour, about 6mm long, oval in shape and very flat (if they have not recently fed). Bed bugs feed off of human blood and their bites can cause severe allergic reactions in some cases, so it’s best to get them treated ASAP. If you have problems with bed bugs then please call us ASAP to arrange a visit as they can be extremely problematic when trying to get rid of them.

How can I stop birds nesting on my roof?

There is not one best way to do this. Kent Pest Services offers a range of bird proofing solutions whether you have pigeons nesting under your solar panels or Seagulls on your chimney stack!

At what point should I call out a pest controller?

The simple answer to this question is the sooner the better. The quicker a pest control problem is treated will lessen any negative impacts they have on you!

I keep a very clean house so why do I have pests?

There could be a number of reasons to why a pest may have been attracted to your home, it is not always something that you have done or haven’t done. At Kent Pest Services, we pride ourselves on dealing with your pest problem quickly and discreetly.

I have a small bees nest at the end of my garden, should I call a pest controller?

If the nest is not causing you a problem, then there is no harm in leaving it in situ. If however you are worried and they are causing you concern, one of our qualified pest controllers can come out to you and recommend the best solution. In some situations a bee’s nest can be removed and relocated to a hive.

I think I saw a rat coming out of the shed, what should I do?

Many people will confuse rats and mice, especially at a distance, so it is important that you call us so that your pest can first be identified and then we will recommend the best course of treatment to suit the location and your needs.

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