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Wasp and Bee Control

Wasps and Bees can inflict a painful sting and in rare cases can cause anaphylactic shock.
These invertebrates can cause problems when found nesting in loft spaces, trees, garden buildings and in the ground in gardens. As we are an environmentally conscientious company we always do our best not to destroy bees and work in conjunction with local Bee keepers to remove bees to a safe home. We offer services to remove and destroy wasp nests.

Rodent Pest Control

Rats and Mice can cause major problems in properties due to their need to constantly chew. Damage to wiring, goods and structures can be problematic as well as the diseases (including Weils and Salmonellosis) that they can spread and fleas/mites that they carry.

Grey squirrels, whilst can be an attractive addition to the wildlife in ones garden can also cause massive destruction when they decide to enter peoples properties. Squirrels are often found nesting in loft spaces, garages and other outbuildings where they can be responsible for destruction to property and damage to wiring. We provide removing and proofing for all rodent problems.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Bedbugs can be found worldwide. They are associated with human habitation and can often be found in furniture and structural cracks and crevices, beds, skirting boards and loose wall paper. Bed bugs are nocturnal and their bites can cause severe allergic reactions.

Often people will ignore the problem and try to combat bedbugs themselves with inferior products which are wrongly applied and this can lead to long term and bigger infestations.

Bird Pest Control

There are situations where certain species of birds come into conflict with humans and control is needed. Birds can cause damage to properties and their droppings can be a hazard to public health. Bird management is necessary in preventing the spread of disease. We can help with bird proofing and removal.

Flea Pest Control

Most household flea infestations are associated with pets (often with Cat and Dog fleas). Fleas can live in carpets, Sofas, chairs, under skirting-boards, pet beds and on their host animals. The key with Flea control is to ensure that you regularly treat your pets all year round with products provided by your Veterinarian, however under certain conditions an outbreak can occur. Flea larvae can lay dormant for up to 9 months in uninhabited properties so an outbreak can happen after moving into a new dwelling despite not owning any pets of your own. Flea problems are another area where people try to treat infestations themselves however with inferior products that are wrongly applied this can be ineffective and extremely costly. We offer solutions to eradicate any flea infestations.


Moles can cause much destruction to lawns, greens, parks, golf courses, cemeteries and paddocks. Moles build large tunnel which they continuously patrol to search for food. The most obvious signs of moles is the presence of mole hills. Mole hills/holes can be hazardous to horses and other livestock.

We have a 100% track record of removing moles!!

Ant and Bug Pest Control

We are able to deal with a range of insect problems, including ants, moths, silverfish, beetles, flies and cockroaches. We work to not only deal with the current infestation, but also offer advice on preventing future occurances. For commercial properties we are able to offer competitive contract rates! Just contact us for a quote: 07855546772

Spider Pest Control

We are able to deal with a range of spider issues and can put in place systems to control these eight legged pests.

Wildlife Managment

We are also able to deal with a range of wildlife that when encountered within built up areas and domestic dwellings can be problematic. This service includes the management of foxes, squirrels and rabbits. This can include fencing around the property and proofing as a preventative measure as well as dealing with current infestations.

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