Pest Prevention

Our services in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate, Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Folkestone and all surrounding areas help to solve and prevent your pest problems. On occasions there are things you can do to prevent pests too which we have shared below:


pigeonEach bird problem is unique and birds in large numbers can cause numerous damage to properties with their droppings also causing a health hazard to humans. Birds are attracted by food and for harbourage. Nesting Seagulls will return year after year so don’t put off this problem for another year!


How to prevent Bird problems?
Prevention is better than cure for any bird control problems. We can provide bird proofing such as bird spikes, wire netting, chimney capping and other deterrents. If you already have a current bird control problem we are able to resolve this issue for you and provide services and advice regarding any clean-up.


Image of wasp in flightWasp problems occur when they find a suitable environment to nest in. Wasps will look for warm, dry places but are known to nest in gardens as well. Wasps can become extremely aggressive when threatened so it is best that you call us straight away if you encounter a nest in an unsuitable location.


How to prevent Wasp problems?
Wasp problems will always occur during the summer months. We can apply some preventative grates over airbricks to prevent them from accessing your home.

Rats and Mice

Image of a RodentRats and Mice are looking for food, water and warmth and often this can be found in our homes, outbuilding, business’ and shops. Each rodent infestation is unique and a full survey of the property will need to be carried out to identify the extent of the problem. Rat and Mice infestations can cause fires by knawing on electric cables, damage to properties. The risk of Leptospirosis is a serious concern and can be life threatening.

How to prevent Rat and Mice problems?
Rat and Mice problems are more likely to occur in winter when the weather is harsher and food is scarce. Food sources should be suitably stored and we can provide services to proof your property whether domestic or commercial.


Image of Mole hills on a lawnMoles need to eat ¾ of their body weight each day. They are simply looking for earthworms but they will eat other grubs and slugs as well and will stay in a particular area where they are able to find plenty to eat. A mole is indiscriminate about where they tunnel and create mounds, which are the tell-tale sign you have a mole problem. These are not only unsightly but can lead to injury and even subsidence.

How to prevent Mole problems?
We will visit your property and deal with any mole problems that you are encountering. We have 100% success rate with our services for moles.


foxFoxes have become urbanised by humans feeding them and by our building on their habitats .Their attacking rubbish bins, howling during mating seasons can cause many a sleepless night. Foxes can also dig under your property and cause problems for you buildings. They are also known carriers of rabies. Foxes will also attack pets i.e. rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and there have also been known to attack cats.

How to prevent Fox problems?
Under British law it illegal to poison Foxes so that only leaves pest controllers with two options shooting or trapping. Shooting is a last resort as many fox problems occur in urban areas. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


They are just looking for a nice home to bring up their families; unfortunately this may mean your loft space or home as they are brilliant climbers and can enter through the smallest of gaps. Squirrels are part of the rodent family which means they constantly need to chew to keep their teeth at the correct length. This means they will chew household wires, pipe work and anything else they can sink their teeth into. They also can cause large amounts of noise in your property and could cause many a sleepless night.

How to prevent squirrel problems?
Kent Pest Services can remove any squirrels you may have survey your property and proof against further infestations.


Rabbit populations are out of control in some parts of the UK you may have noticed burrows scrapes warrens, droppings or damage to plants and trees are just a few signs but most people know when they actually see them.
Horse owners need to be aware of rabbits because of the danger of broken legs to horses.
How to prevent Rabbit problems?
Here a Kent Pest Services we have many humane ways to rid your farm land, garden or horse fields of rabbits. Please call us today to discuss your needs; after all you have heard of the saying they breed like rabbits! This may not be an overnight fix, but we will work with you to eradicate the problem.


Image of a FleaFleas are a common problem in homes especially those with pets. They love your central heating, nice carpets and sofa. You may have only just moved into a property and don’t have any pets however , fleas can stay in the Pupae stage for many months so yes you may have just moved in but your being there causing a vibration has caused them to hatch. Here at Kent Pest Services we work with estate agents and letting agents and come across this problem on a regular basis.
How to prevent Flea problems?
Simple infestations can be cleared by simply treating your pets (if you have them) and vigorous vacuuming. Shop bought products can be very expensive, do not always work and cannot always get to the root of the problem. We can treat your property for fleas and you can rest assured that you are in expert hands and you have peace of mind that all work carried out is 100% guaranteed.


Image of a Bed Bug on a mattressBed bugs are found worldwide and are great hitchhikers! Having bedbugs is not necessarily your fault; you could have bought them back from a stay in a hotel or a trip abroad. Somebody visiting your house could have left some behind or you could have bought some clothing from a charity shop or boot fair. Bed bugs are not known to carry any diseases but bites can be irritating and become infected.

How to prevent bed bug problems?

If you have bed bugs it advisable to call us here at Kent Pest Services as they can be very hard to get rid of, they will hide in cracks and crevices in skirting boards and under carpets. They can hide behind pictures and posters and have even been found in plug sockets. So don’t delay and call us today we can rid your home with a discreet professional service and not forgetting that every service is 100% guaranteed.

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