Bee Control Folkestone

Do you require bee control in Folkestone? Bees can be extremely dangerous, especially when it comes to protecting their nest. If you’ve seen a lot of bees around a certain area or inside your property, it’s quite likely that there is a bees nest nearby – but it’s important to remain calm and contact a qualified pest service to remove the bees safely and effectively.
Here at Kent Pest Services we have a great amount of experience in dealing with bees and wasps. With different approaches to both sets of invertebrates, we know of the best way to removing these pests as well as a whole range of other pests.

Efficient and quick response times, at no extra cost
For our line of work it’s vital to be prompt in our work by providing a quick response time, but also provide an efficient and effective service. We’re confident with dealing with all types of pests, including bees and wasps, pigeons and seagulls, rodent control, removal and proofing, bed bugs & flea pest control, Moles, ant & bug control, spider control and wildlife management.

Continue to our website today if you want to find out how we can help you deal with the bees and wasps at your property in Folkestone.