Bee Control

Do you have a case of wasps and bees in close proximity to your property or workplace? If you feel under threat from bees or wasps, then we would be more than happy to support you by providing a wasp and bee control service. Here at Kent Pest Control Services we take great pride in our work and most importantly, we strive not to kill bees in particular. Bees are on the list of endangered species across the world, and so we feel a great sense of responsibility to ensure that not only are our clients safe from the bees but our bees are also safe from any harm or unnecessary killing.

Although both bees and wasps can really hurt someone with their stings and in rare cases cause anaphylactic shock, we want to ensure we complete the job the right way to benefit everyone involved. This is why when bees are discovered nestled in loft space, trees, garden buildings and the garden itself, we work hard to ensure that we can work in conjunction with our local bee keepers to removes bees from the client’s home or workplace, to a safe home for the bees. When it comes to wasp infestations, we are able to remove and destroy wasp nests.

We are the expert pest controllers of Kent, so whether you have a problem with bees, wasps, mice, fleas, spiders or birds, we will be more than capable of removing them successfully.